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Social Activist

  • Author of Books

    2001 to Present

    Author of books and essays on social values and love.
    [See the books and articles]

  • Lovers' Rights Activist


    Activist to establish an official office of lovers' protection in Iran, and following up in the Iranian parliament.
    > One of the requests for the Iranian parliament

  • Writing Articles

    2006 to 2011

    Writer of various articles about obstacles and problems of lovers in Iran.
    [See the books and articles]

  • Supporter of Lovers in Iran

    2006 to 2011

    Manager of the "Online Center of Lovers Protection in Iran".

  • Reviewer of Social Values


    Setting up a website as "The Special Center of Suitability of Existence (or, coordination of existence)" to review the basic social values (like money, marriage, a common universal language, etc.) with the motto of "A conscious life and death in a free and without borders world".

  • Libertarian and Justice Seeker

    2001 to Present

    - Libertarian and Justice Seeker in various fields of social and human rights.
    - Civil disobedience and refusing to serve the government.
    - Refusal to serve the military and political system of Iran.

  • Sexual Rights Activist


    Activists to review and reflect on the social problematic situations of sex in Iran.

  • Animal Rights Activist


    Activist in housing and supporting street dogs and cats in Iran.

  • Researcher

    1996 to Present

    Researcher of psychology, parapsychology, metaphysics, and the religions: Islam, Zoroastrian, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jewry, Christianity and so on, whose main focus was to find "coordination of existence of human (with himself/herself and the universe) physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually".